recognition6  My CV

2016-now: Intern at Benjamin Media – BO BEDRE, Bolig Magasinet and Idényt

2015-now: Co-founder/owner, The mobilizing Sling

2014-now: Marketing and media ass. at Piet Hein (Piet Hein Trading, Middelfart)

2013-2014: Web and marketing freelance at Munkebo Kro

2012-2013: Sale ass. at Gant/EJC Retail

2012: Intern and holiday substitute at Rice A/S

2010-2011: Rolemodel, speaker and counselor for Studievalg Fyn (In the Region of Southern Denmark)

2009-2011: Canvassing sales at Alm. Brand Forsikring


college1  My Education

2014-now: Multimediedesigner, Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt

2015: SKRIV GODT, Diplom course in journalism, IBC, Kolding

2009-2013: Bachelor in Export and Technology Management, Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt/University   of Sourthern Denmark

2012: Research Methods in social science, University of Sourthern Denmark

2012: Exchange student at Cambridge University, MA, USA (EF Denmark)

2006-2009: Hhx at Tietgen Business College (Main subjects in marketing, business economics, Spanish, English and Danish)



You can also download my CV here!



gear39 My technical skills

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projection3  My portfolio and projects

I have collected samples of my work that shows some of my skills.


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