Hi, I am Camilla!
and welcome to my personal site and portfolio..


My full name is Camilla Albrechtsen, i am currently studying to become a multimedie designer at Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt. I also have a bachelor degree in export and technology managment where I specialized in cross-border ecommerce, social media and CSR. In my spare time do I have a part time job as a marketing and media assistent at a Danish design firm.    I also have serveral hobbies that satisfies my marketing DNA (for example photography, movies/videos, shopping, cultural events ect.), Other than that do I have the sweetiest dog, that keeps me in good shape.

Iam currently looking for an internship from January to “Unknown”?? and I’m specially looking for a place where I can work and learn more within the marketing, social media, PR and communication-field. Do you have any suggestions? Please contact me and let me know.